Rating:           Wood Horse – 4/5

                        Fire Horse – 3/5

                        Earth Horse – 4/5

                        Metal Horse – 4/5

                        Water Horse – 5/5


HORSE (1942, 1954,1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014)

This is a promising year for the Horse-born as the stars align to assist you with positive energies and change. You are advised to seek the things you enjoy most, find your passions, and be true to yourself, as soon as you have accomplished these, get ready for BIG changes. Live your truth, do the things that bring you joy, stick to what you do best and you will be all right.


You are on a roll for even your relationships will be better than the previous years. Those who are in relationships should open the lines of communication with their spouses so peace and harmony in the relationship will prevail. Single ones should be open to the idea of committing to their special someone and must not let issues from former relationships hinder them from taking the next step.


In the workplace, you are advised to focus on your tasks and perform your best as there is a promotion, and a salary increase is most likely to happen. You may have to be careful though with your finances and save for emergencies which may require you to take a small chunk off your savings. Use your money well to finance projects you have been eyeing in the past as this could yield a better return on investment. When good opportunities present themselves to you, grab them.


At home, do not take your family for granted and listen to them and allow them to air their grievances. A family member who has ill feelings and has been hurt in the past by some of your actions will open up, when he or she does, listen to what this person has to say.


Health is generally okay as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. You are advised to take some leisurely walks, especially on weekends. Minor health issues must be addressed immediately. Your immune system will need some extra attention, but otherwise, you should be fine.


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