DOG IN 2022

DOG IN 2022



Rating:           Wood Dog – 4/5

                        Fire Dog – 3/5

                        Earth Dog – 4/5

                        Metal Dog – 4/5

                        Water Dog – 4/5



DOG (1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018)

You can finally sit back with ease and this year will be more forgiving to you. If you work harder, you will enjoy the positive changes 2022 will bring to the Dog-born individual. The sacrifices and efforts you will put out there will be rewarded and you will achieve success. Focus on the present and start to realign your goals and draw plans for your future today.


There is money to be made and with diligence and hard work, it will come to you without delay. You will have a more comfortable life this 2022 and you and your loved ones will enjoy happier times together.


Single Dog-born individuals must take this period to go out and mingle with other people for this is a good time to date and have fun. Those who are looking for a long-term relationship may find it this year. Open your heart to possibilities and do not allow the heartaches of the past to hinder you from getting into a relationship. Couples must be more creative and spend more time together. Intimacy will play an important role in their relationships. Frequent vacations will keep the fire in the relationship burning. If there are early signs of misunderstanding, the Dog person in the relationship must do all what it takes to pacify tense situations and keep the lines of communication open.


In the workplace, you must learn to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of your organization, and learning new skills for these will be your ticket to your advancement. Finances are looking better than the previous years but you need to keep track of where your money is going so you can assess your spending habits.


At home, your loved ones should always take priority, and spending time with them will not only bring your family closer together but will also help resolve issues you’ve had with some members in the past.


Your health is looking good too, but you must keep in mind that it is only at its peak when you take care of it and you must visit your doctor when you feel something’s amiss. Keep stress away by giving yourself some time off. 

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