Year of the BOAR in 2017

BOAR FORECAST FOR 2017 by The Mala Tree:

On January 28, the Year of the Rooster will officially enter and 2017 is “A GOOD YEAR” for the Boar (Pig).  Out of the 12 animal signs, you are ranked 11th in terms of over-all luck.  Despite this, 2017 is way better than the previous years for you as there are auspicious starts in your chart.

Crystals for the Boar sign are here:



-       Good career or business progress!

-       There will be small victories.

-       If you have been planning to expand (career or business), have the courage to do it!

-       Very strong life force and spirit essence.


RELATIONSHIP LUCK:  Prospects for love are wonderful!


HEALTH LUCK:  Better than last year.

ADVICE:  This year is expected to be better for you because of the good stars in your chart that overturned your supposed lack of “luck.”  In order to maximize this, you should tap your spiritual side and harness your relationship with your spirituality.  You can do so by balancing your Crown Chakra.  If you are feeling that things are not favoring you, count on the energies of the recommended gemstones.  Use your Japa Mala to further seek the blessings of the heavens.  Chant the “Mantra for the Source of All Dharma (cosmic order)” (TADYATHA OM MUNE MUNE MAHA MUNI YE SOHA).  This mantra will bring you mountains of blessings and will purify eons of negative karma.  While meditating with this mantra, envision a golden light flowing into the crown of your head.  Keep everything positive and everything will follow.